Updating xbox 360 codecs

It's great for sitting around and playing games with friends and you can even play DVD's and music CD's on the console.

While this isn't terribly exciting, if you have a system that is running Windows Media Center (MCE) or Vista Ultimate Edition, you can stream Windows Media Video (WMV) movies to your 360 console over the network.

It can help you convert MP4 into the supported formats of Xbox 360 which are MPG, MOV, WMV or AVI.

Other format videos can also be converted with i Skysoft.

Therefore in order to play my video files on my console, I have a network drive plugged into my router, yet to use it, I have to use a 3rd party app downloaded to my smartphone (Skifta, if anyone is interested).

I then find my hard drive and my Xbox One on the device browser on the app, and then select the video I want to play.

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It still baffles me that the ability to play video files (.avi, .mp4, etc) directly from a USB device isn't a feature...

If you’ve found this entry from a search engine, you’re probably at your wits end with trying to solve this issue. Now, Microsoft’s sneaky little trick is that they only allow your videos to be played on the original XBox that you set your gamertag up on.

You’re trying to play a video file on your XBox 360, but it won’t let you watch it unless you’re signed on to XBox Live. This all has to do with Microsoft’s annoying DRM (Digital Rights Management) practices. Obviously, a 4 year-old XBox is not under warrantee any longer. Let’s call my original XBox that I purchased 4 years ago “XBox A,” and my new XBox will be called “XBox B.” Each XBox has a unique “Console ID” number.

For the time being I am able to use the "Play To" function to a certain degree, but it has by no means been easy.

For a start, I don't have a windows based computer, I'm using a Mac Book Pro, so any media on there cannot be streamed to the Xbox One. It's a piece of hardware that unsurprisingly isn't supported, I understand that completely, due to the OS limitations and incompatibility alone.

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