Paula taylor and marc nelson dating

He was also linked to Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles, where he was the host/presenter of Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla's winning pageant; to model Paula Taylor, whom he met during the Amazing Race Asia stint; and to model Samantha Lewis. He took on the ramp, graced billboards and print ads, and appeared on TV commercials.

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“Our agreement is, when I cook, she washes the dishes and vice-versa,” says Rob.

The show, which airs from Alabang Town Center, sees guests Marc Nelson and Paula Taylor helping themselves to generous servings of guinataang halo-halo, Rob’s take on the all-time Pinoy dessert.

Rob is also as down-to-earth in his kitchen at home.

Tell him about the female factor and Rob responds with an uncomfortable silence. Rob’s take on the favorite dessert is not saccharine sweet; but yummy just the same. Rob does his share by thinking green as much as he can. Thus, he wants his environment-friendly grocery bag to carry only the freshest ingredients and more vegetables. So don’t be surprised if you see chef Rob toting the same (eco-friendly) bag when he enters and leaves his favorite store.

Ask him what makes his show click (Chef to Go is now on its second year) and he loosens up. It’s his small way of showing his love for Mother Earth.

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