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She was turned by Brian after he stabbed her boyfriend Mike in a fight with a silver knife.Enraged, she uses her newly acquired werewolf powers to rip Brian apart.Kate spends her last moments before leaving a sheet over her boyfriend and leaving message for Sam and Dean asking them to give her a chance.She promises not to hurt anyone who is human and to only feed on animals.Take your carrot cake on the go with these bite-size snacks.

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But she didn’t have to face Sjöström to win that race.

It can’t be ignored that Sjöström swam a blistering lead leg on Sweden’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the World Championship.

When it comes to dessert, a dish that’s healthy and tastes amazing is basically the Holy Grail.

And after teasing fans with a glimpse in the semifinal, they’ll race with gold on the line Tuesday night. I’ll get some good sleep in and be ready for [Tuesday] night,” Ledecky said on NBC after Monday’s semifinal.

“I have some things in my head I can work on for [Tuesday] night, and hopefully I can put it all together.” Sjöström turned in a .65 in Monday’s second semifinal, finishing .16 seconds ahead of Ledecky.

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