Do annabeth percy start dating

If there is no possible way to solve the inconsistency, we are left with two options: [1] it’s an in-universe mystery; or [2] author’s mistake.

I do not like the last option “author’s mistake” because a fiction will always be a fiction, no matter how close it is to reality or not.

In the first place, how are we to know if it was not a deliberate inconsistency?

I will not go into the methodology of how to properly pinpoint the dates.

There are many considerations and factors involved, and I think it’s best to have it in another post (if I get a lot of request for an explanation).

Percabeth They have the love story which many gods and even the Fates themselves have tried to destroy like Athena and Juno/Hera but enduring all that they are still together and are the best couple which is the strongest pair ever! Plus Jason can actually be really sweet, but the his duty as a Praetor of Rome holds him back.

Their love is not like the common young-adult couples who think they are in love after a few days they have met. Annabeth is no less than Percy as she herself played a major role in two Great prophecies. At last PERCABETH is the best and it will last forever and ever aver! Nico has literally been through hell and back, and he totally deserves to be happy with someone like Will. Calypso is /totally/ different than when she's with Percy, and Leo is really out of character as well. It's their feelings that matters, and not yours, so let them be happy with the person THEY chose. I just feel like Jason and Piper don't express their live for each other much, and Percy and Annabeth save each others butts loads of times, and Piper and Jason just stand ..- Mayachen2006 First of all, this ship is really underrated due to Percabeth.

" "Hold on, Seaweed Brain." It was Annabeth's voice, much clearer now.

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Helens, when Annabeth thought I was going to die, and she kissed me.

My brain started seizing on little random details, like the fact that she was still wearing thos silver owl earrings from her dad, who was this braniac military history professor in San Francisco. "I've always wanted to see-" "The Parthenon," I remembered.

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