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He never goes much deeper than that at those early stages, though, because he wants to catalog you as simply as possible.16. Think about the collectors you see in movies and in television. A collector only shows you as much of himself as he can bear. Surrounding himself with things he attaches meaning to is about as much of a relationship as he can handle. And, in all honesty, a smart woman who’s on to his game is almost more certain to be a victim of his behavior than someone who just thinks he’s a sh*tty boyfriend. The seemingly sensitive woman will think if she loves him just right, she can break his habit.

But he’s just paying close attention to his newest find.

A player is always chasing the next girl he sees in a skirt.

If he's not talking about getting serious, he isn't serious about the relationship.

Because if you think you're getting played, you probably are. You are too incredible to waste your time on a guy like this.

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Let’s examine the definition of “great.” Does he do acrobatics, focus on his own endurance, and enjoy posing to display his physique? On the other hand, does he meet you where you need to be, with athleticism, playfulness, or romance, depending on your mood? Is he the type you could spend all day in bed with?

He was the lady killer of the group, always making fresh conquests and never staying with any woman beyond a year.

He once told me (before we went out) that he’d slept with so many women that he’d forgotten some of them. My problem is that a part of me is judgmental about his past sexual behaviour.

Collectors really get to know you at the beginning and take a real-seeming interest in your life.

He thinks of you as a set of adjectives (three to four at most). Then there’s the carefree, athletic, competitive one.

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