Baby boomer dating site

Baby Boomers feeling left behind in the online dating realm now have a platform specifically for them.

Stitch, a social media platform launched in 2014, is a companionship service for adults 50 and better. After downloading the app (or by logging in on a web browser), it’ll prompt you to sign up by entering your email address.

Now she’s looking online for potential partners — and she’s got plenty of options.

As the baby boomer population ages, more and more dating Web sites are focusing on retirees looking for love, and no wonder: About 30 percent of baby boomers are single.

None of this helps, of course, when a mature woman is considering going back into the dating pool. One of these friends, whom I’ll call Andrea*, had spent many years grieving an old love and was finally ready to move forward with her love life. Honestly, I was astounded how my go-to single friend became part of a couple so quickly!

That is why I think it is so important that women work on addressing their mindset before venturing forth into the dating world. I have two friends who started dating again in their 60s, and so I got to witness their whole process around dating on a very close and personal level. She was scared, but she was also ready to meet “that special someone.” She joined a Meet Up hiking club, because she loved to hike, and very soon after met someone she really liked. When I asked her about this she told me it was, because they were both ready and knew what they wanted. After six decades on the planet, she knew what she wanted.

IAC, which owns sites like and, started in 2011 for 50-and-over singles looking to date.

“We saw a fervor for something just for them,” says Joshua Meyers, CEO of People Media, the targeted- dating subsidiary of IAC.

The app will present you with a list of activities and hobbies that you might enjoy and, if you don’t see your favorite activity on there, simply type it in and it’ll show up on your profile.The first step of getting back in the game is making sure you’re ready to play the game.It’s been a while and you’re probably not in your best shape.When she found the right person, she did not take them for granted.She nurtured and fostered the relationship, and it very quickly blossomed. Andrea was not ready to start dating until she was done with her grieving process around her ex-partner.

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