Dating site passwords

Marriott tells that it was difficult to assess how many of the leaked passwords would have also worked on their associated corporate accounts as Digital Shadows does not have access to companies' internal systems and many of the passwords were encrypted.

However, it seemed likely that many passwords were re-used between corporate and third-party accounts where people used the same email addresses."Within the data you can see, in some incidences, password hints—sometimes 'the usual'," Marriott says.

When data was obtained from Ashley Madison back in July it was thought that passwords would remain uncrackable due to the way they were encrypted.

This should have prevented any hackers from succeeding with so-called ‘brute force’ attacks that allow them to try many different combinations of letters and words at speed until they get the right password.

Credentials for employees at almost all the largest organizations in the world were leaked in major data breaches, according to research by the British cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows.He said that passwords have been reset for the "small number" affected, and said they will be notified.However, based on our analysis of the sample database that ZDNet obtained to verify its authenticity, we have no reason to believe that this is test or dummy data.It has been reported that 1.2 million Ashley Madison users are British, leading to at least one married woman in the UK to file for divorce after her husband was allegedly outed as using the site.*Note, you MUST enter the email address currently registered to your account, and don't forget to check your junk folder!

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