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"Great location and a friendly atmosphere make the William Gyles Guesthouse Hostel in Newport, RI a perfect stay for budget-conscious travelers.Merrilee is a charming and conscientious host who ensures that guests are truly welcome, and the price can't be beat for the location." -- Emma, Brooklyn, NY "I would like to thank you again for the very good accommodations you provided me.I learned so many new things about Newport in such a short period of time. I want to tell you that your hostel is simply fabulous. Now I am in Maine but as soon as I return to Italy I will write to Tripadvisor Italy to tell everybody who is going to Newport to stay in your wonderful hostel! " -- Maricla, Italy "I had a wonderful stay at your Hostel and it was one of the most comfortable times of the dozen or so different hostels I have stayed at over the years. Hope to see you again on my next visit back." -- Aloha... It was more like a Bed & Breakfast with hostel prices.

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From four-thirty, when the president of our company and I faced each other across his desk, until eleven-thirty, when I left him at his door, we fought the thing back and forth. ” It was in that solemn morning hour, as I have said, that I formally retired from the business of being Everybody’s Friend.To let anybody and everybody fritter that fund away is as if the trustee of an estate were to deposit the estate’s funds in a bank and issue check books to whoever applied. A bald, worried little man, perpetually tired but perpetually smiling — nodding his head and murmuring, “Right away, Mrs. ” No one, expects a hardware merchant to carry two-cent stamps, or grumbles at him, because he happens to be out of postal cards on Sunday afternoons.Some of us are born good-natured, some acquire good-nature, and some have good-nature thrust upon us. No one rings excitedly at the front door of the feed merchant and pulls him out of bed at two o’clock for some trivial purchase that might just as easily have been made before the store closed in the evening.In fact, a 2010 review of research suggests that women who showed high people-pleasing tendencies (psychologists call it sociotropy) were more likely to feel stress and depression.It stands to reason: "Saying yes all the time can really zap your mood; it can also make you feel resentful and over-committed," says Simon Rego, Psy D, director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

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