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Gahan and his sister Sue were raised under the impression that their stepfather, Jack, was their natural father.

After Jack's death, in 1972, Gahan met his biological father for the first time.

She is skilled in black magic as well as all forms of combat (lethal with a tattoo needle).

Skeletor's weapon of choice is her Buzz Kill, a ram's skull atop a large rod, which serves to channel her magic and amplify her powers.

(By the way, Gahan is Irish and pronounced 'Gaan'.) "But my blood father has Malaysian ancestors.[4] My stepdad died when I was nine."[5] (Other sources quote he was seven.) Dave's two younger half-brothers, Peter Eric, born in 1966, and Philip Michael, born in 1967, come from his mother's second marriage.

"When I was young I was rather tubby all round and a bit of a moaner, always crying in fact," Dave said about himself, "my earliest memory of my childhood is being made to drink hot milk with the skin on at nursery school, but I can't remember if I liked it or not."[6] In the course of time he revealed a lot of little things about himself, for example that he was scared of many things when he was a child and that he still battles fear, consequently he's not always doing what he would like to.

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Inside the Castle lives the Sorceress, who grants Prince Adam his transformative abilities, and communicates telepathically with him (She also created fellow band member Martin Gore's many S&M harnesses from a rare Eternian mineral called Korodite, which adds to his physical strength). His "sword" is able to deflect bolts of energy both magical and technological, though his half-human lineage still leaves it vulnerable to common STDs.

Similar to Fletch's and Martin's story, there are different places (Basildon, of course, and quite often: Epping) mentioned regarding where Dave was born, but Dave himself said "Chigwell" in two or three different articles.

"I was born at am on May 9th 1962 weighing in at 8 1/2 lbs.

British musician, a member of the rock group Depeche Mode and their lead singer. and their native England with their 1990 album, "Violator." The band is composed of Gahan, Martin Gore, songwriter and Alan Wilder, electronics, and Andrew Fletcher, who manages the business affairs of Depeche Mode Inc.

They were the first of the big electronic groups, basically a novelty act when they made their debut. An active drug abuser, Gahan entered the hospital briefly in August 1995 after slashing his wrists in a suicide attempt.

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